Hi! My name is Marcin and I’m an E-shaped change agent working with companies worldwide (on-the-spot and/or remotely) on system, team and individual level.

I use knowledge from agile, lean, product management, holistic coaching, team coaching, TLT, NLP (ethically), public speaking, working with change, body language, micro-expressions and much more. I blend the above in an effective mix to foster collaboration, increase happiness and cut waste. I also work with renown experts if your goal requires more effort.

I have worked on all levels (from experts to CxO) of different organizations (financial, e-commerce, government, startup) with individuals as well as groups of people or teams. The latter were mature as well as “fresh” in their understanding of incremental product delivery and cutting waste.

Having worked with numerous teams and setups I have experience in mentoring and developing leaders, Product Owners and Scrum Masters. I was also coaching colleagues as a certified Master Coach (from American Board of NLP) and, currently, I’m developing towards becoming a body language and microexpressions expert.

To get to know me a bit more you can read some of my articles on Medium.com, go through my recent tweets or check out what I’m currently up to on LinkedIn or Angel.co .

I’m also sharing stories and photography from my journeys on a personal blog. Those include the Trans-Siberian railway, Russian Arctic Circle, South Africa, Kazakhstan and much more.

Companies that trusted me: