The Shard, United Kingdom.


If you’re going through challenges in your life or are aiming for a particular goal but you are struggling to get the big picture or dwell into details, coaching might be the right tool for you.

We can help you with topics such as:
– self-confidence
– leadership
– managing your emotions
– fear/anxiety
– building your vision and mission
– taking advantage of your character traits
– finding your charisma
– figuring out tough life-choices
– working through lack of energy
– occupational burnout
and many more.

Coaching sessions are led by Marcin and Jarek.


If you’re an Executive, (Senior) Leader, Scrum Master or a Product Owner at the beginning of your journey or already seasoned in your role this offer is for you.

We can work on fostering a better understanding of your role, tackle ad hoc problems, work on a certain goal. You can expect real-life examples and dilemmas that our clients and us had as well as some perspectives on how to approach them. We can also help you with gathering knowledge on non-verbal communication, negotiations, lie detection and how to react in certain situations.

Mentoring sessions are led by Marcin and Jarek.


The potential number of sessions is determined together during the initial 30 min conversation which is free of charge. Regular sessions last 60 min and cost 150-350 EUR (excl.VAT)*.

If you feel that we can support you on your journey or if you have any questions or doubts – let us know!

* prices are subject to change without notice.


His experience in coaching and mentoring is versatile enough to be used for various contexts, which I had a chance to experience while his time at KMD Poland. I had the pleasure of working with Marcin, especially during individual coaching sessions for half a year, during which time I was able to grow as a professional and individual.
Monika Dudziak, Team Leader, KMD Poland

“Marcin is a very committed and experienced coach. He truly listens and adapts to the coachee. He helped me discover the sources and worked with me through my fears.”
Ewa Kosterka, Scrum Master, Allegro

“Marcin is a great coach. He truly listens and goes where a client wants to go. Thanks to his set of tools, he helped me to see new perspectives. Marcin gives his whole focus and thus, he asks eye-opening questions. He really cares about people and sincerely believes in their potential and skills. I have read somewhere that “Coaching is 90% attitude and 10% technique.” Marcin certainly has the coach’s attitude and I strongly recommend him as a coach”
Katarzyna Ziemba, Agile Coach & Consultant