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As a duo, we have extensive experience in agile ways of working, product management, strategy building as well as transformations, coaching and working with change. Together with Igor, we would like to offer our services as an effective duo that you can hire in a bundle of services or selectively. It’s best to give us a shout at hello [at] konkel [dot] co or use the contact form – together we can choose the best solution that fits your needs.

We work worldwide and are currently stationed in Warsaw, Poland. Due to the pandemic, we’re offering all of the below services 100% online using Zoom and other online tools.

Igor SzwedziƄski
I am passionate about joining the client’s needs with technology and business. I like creating solutions and implementing them in practice. I feel good in the role of a product developer, product manager, project manager, Scrum Master or Product Owner. I support teams and help them to solve their problems in unusual ways. I am happy to work in an international environment. Sharing my knowledge and experience with other people has become a source of great satisfaction for me. I like people and interacting with them.
igor [at] konkel [dot] co / LinkedIn

Marcin Konkel
I’m an e-shaped change agent working with companies to foster hyperproductive and happy organisations. I have worked on all levels of organizations (financial, e-commerce, government) with individuals as well as groups of people or teams – mature as well as “fresh” in their understanding agile. I have experience in mentoring and developing leaders, Product Owners and Scrum Masters as well as coaching colleagues as a certified Master Coach.
marcin [at] konkel [dot] co / LinkedIn

Why should you consider a duo?
* A trustworthy partner experienced in making successful transformations/transitions on all organisational levels.
* Experience in working in multiple setups: colocated and distributed structures, individual teams (2-20 people) and entire organizations, crossfunctional teams and teams of experts from a very specific area.
*Setting up new initiatives, communities of practice and their maintenance.
*Faster feedback loop and learning cycle – decreased reaction time.
* Better coordination of transitions and transformation planning.
* Working with the whole organisation – ensuring we that no separate worlds are created within one endeavour.
* An overall look at value delivery in the company.
* A higher number of teams working with a change agent.
* Increased reach, louder voice and faster, more coherent effects of endeavours.

We hold experience in the following industries: 
e-commerce, i-gaming, finance & investments, banks, government, public sector, ad tech, consulting, software houses, HR/People Management, startup scene.

What do we offer as a duo?
* Team/department kick-off – a good start can push things forward, we’ve done it a number of times and know what to do to make it ‘click’.
* Scrum Master and/or Product Owner shadowing – supporting, mentoring, providing feedback.
* Team coaching – in agile ways of working as wells as in growing a group of people to become a team.
* Observing and providing recommendations – identifying patterns, problems, looking deeper into how your company works.
* Creating/refining a product plan – adding the extra edge to make your product flourish and use data for decision making.
* Recruiting team members for Scrum teams – we’ve successfully recruited a number of people for various companies and know what makes a good team.
* Agile transformations – planning, supporting, executing, training.
* You never walk alone – a set of ad hoc meetings to mentor, consult or coach you or your company to achieve goals or tackle problems.
* Training portfolio:

– Scrum fundamentals
– Kanban fundamentals
– Sociocracy 3.0.
– working with feedback
– researching user needs
– business model creation
– product workshops
– tailor-made training
– other

Please treat the above as a teaser in a restaurant menu that you can choose from and ask us for recommendations that would satisfy your needs.