I am passionate about connecting the client’s needs with technology and business. I like creating solutions and implementing them in practice.

I feel good in the role of product developer, product manager, project manager, Scrum Master or Product Owner. I support teams and help them to solve their problems in unusual ways. I am happy to work in an international environment.

Sharing my knowledge and experience with other people has become a source of great satisfaction for me. I like people and interacting with them.

Contact me directly at igor [at] konkel [dot] co or reach out on LinkedIn.

Initiatives I’m involved in

Agile HR meetup group (co-founder and lecturer) // 2017-2020

Together with Marcin we’ve set up a meetup group to share knowledge and concepts that may be helpful to the HR crowd in improving their ways of working as well as being a partner in transformations within their companies. We met once a month with a specific topic in the form of workshops.

What my clients say

“I had a pleasure to take part in a training conducted by Igor for our recruitment agency, that was supposed to give us an insight on how does an IT Scrum team work and what developers have to deal with on a daily basis. He took us through the whole cycle, step by step, explaining in detail how it’s done. We also had an opportunity to try to execute a simulation project ourselves, according to clients requirements, in a dynamic environment, taking diffrent roles. I have to admit that it was an interesting experience for a person who didn’t have any contact with this methodology before. I strongly recommend Igor to anyone that would like to understand Scrum. 
Filip Biernacki, IT recruiter / Sabre

“Igor and I worked together as Scrum Masters at Allegro Group for one year. He has this indescribable piece in him that is transmitted to others in everything that he does. His non-violent approach to solving problems and teaching is light yet powerful and very effective. Everything about Igor makes working with him a great experience. My impression was that I was constantly learning drawing on his experience and knowledge. His focus on customer and business value lead everyone that worked with Igor to find the right answer. Great communication and facilitation skills mixed with pro-activeness and his humble posture makes Igor a great leader that people want to follow!
Paweł Rzymkiewicz, Head of Technology / Sotrender

“Igor represents proffesional attitude in all aspects of work. He impressed me with the unique talent of understanding business needs on strategic level. As a manager he prooved that it is possible to demand the highest perfomance of his employess and also remain human. It is a big task managing both business goals and people, that makes him perfect manager. It was a great pleasure to me to work with Igor and learn from him. Highly recommended
Andrzej Wronski, Connectivity product manager / UPC

“I had pleasure to work with Igor in Stepstone for almost one and half year. He was our Scrum Master and Product Owner. Igor put invaluable contribution into our team, especially to improve of our scrum process and made our team work more efficient. He is very communicative and responsible person with great knowledge about AGILE methodologies/Product Management.”
Piotr Glebocki, Senior Software Engineer / Viacom