I am an experienced retail operations and HR executive,  body language/ behavioural trainer and certified executive coach with a demonstrated history of working with international business executives on strategic and leadership levels.

Throughout my professional years, I helped businesses in considerable growth and ran several change management projects including performance management, restructuring organisations, process improvements while, at the same time, increasing employees’ engagement and effectiveness in UEA, USA, Hungary, Czechia and Poland.

With over 20 years of conducting leadership trainings and coachings (over 6000 people trained), my main field of expertise is behavioural science. It always was a part of my passion and drive to understand why people do things the way they do and what they communicate when they say nothing.

In this field alone was trained by several world-class professionals like Joe Navarro (ex-FBI agent), Doug Whetstone (Deception Detection Expert) or Patryk Wezowski (Center for Body Language) and spent over 20 years in bringing this knowledge into practice as Retail Operations and HR Director, coach and consultant.

I helped leaders and organisations in reading a room and anti-corruption activities as well as conducted body language workshops, conferences and written short pieces on non-verbal communication for Gentleman and Business Coaching magazines.

Additionally, I have worked with numerous business executives as their coach and mentor in Europe, Middle East and the USA and is a lecturer at some of the best polish universities including SGH, SWPS, Economic University in Wroclaw and Technical University in Łódź.

I can help you with:

  • behavioural analysis and case analysis
  • strategies for getting to the truth in negotiations and every-day situations
  • consulting for audit departments
  • non-verbals during public appearances

I’m certified by the following institutions:

For workshops or mentoring contact hello[at]konkel[dot]co. / LinkedIn.

Personally, I’m the frontman and the vocal on The Mint music band Recently, we’ve got our video clip out in the world which – of course – relates to lying in the modern world.