I help in nurturing hyperproductive teams and focused orgs where people and products flourish. Helped 100+ teams to grow. I mentor Scrum Masters to become exceptional true leaders.

I draw from my 10+ years of expertise in agile, lean, product management, holistic and team coaching, TLT and behavioural sciences. I blend the above in an effective mix to create great products, foster collaboration, increase happiness and cut waste.

I have worked on all levels (from experts to CxOs) in various industries (financial, e-commerce, government, healthcare, public sector, startups and more) with individuals, newly-formed, as well as seasoned teams.

I have experience in mentoring and developing leaders, Scrum Masters and professional coaching as a certified life and business coach.

To get to know me a bit more you can read some of my articles on Substack, go through my recent tweets or listen to “Let’s Behave” podcast on behavioural science.

You can also see my documentary work as a photographer where I share local stories and customs from around the world like Trans-Siberian railway, Russian Arctic Circle, South Africa, Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

I hold certifications in agility, coaching, training, microexpressions, body language and more from the following institutions:

Contact me directly at marcin [at] konkel [dot] co or connect on LinkedIn / Twitter.

Initiatives I’m involved in

Let’s Behave podcast (co-host) // 2022-present

In school, people told us to behave in class. We think we should act with class yet on our own terms. Our bodies have communicated with one another since the beginning of our existence, and it’s high time we all use this knowledge to navigate conflicts, negotiations or understand others (and ourselves) better. Let’s behave in a way that expresses what we want to convey.

Together with Jarek we tackle lying, social engineering, non-verbal cues through neurobiology, the subconscious mind, linguistics and more. We work as consultants thus many of the stories we tell really happened yet their details were changed.

Agile HR meetup group (co-founder and lecturer) // 2017-2020

Together with Igor we’ve set up a meetup group to share knowledge and concepts that may be helpful to the HR crowd in improving their ways of working as well as being a partner in transformations within their companies. We met once a month with a specific topic in the form of workshops.

Coach and mentor at Coach Clinic at Agile People Sweden conference // 2018

I was invited as a coach and mentor to the conference in Stockholm and shared my experience answering participants questions during breaks and in a designated time-slot. Together with five colleagues, we supported a few dozens of conference attendees.

Agile & Change publication on Medium.com (writer and Editor-in-Chief) // 2016-2020

The mission of this blog was to share thought-provoking and universal and to the point content that helps in thriving in the ever-changing world. I invited renown writers to share their articles on various subject. I also contributed with some of my writings.

What my clients say

“In my career I have seldom met someone who can build up such a high level of understanding for the other side in such a short time as Marcin. Very emphatic and extremely precise in the analysis of teams, personalities and business models. I can highly recommend Marcin and his company Konkel & Co. if you want to build functioning teams or if you want to have someone to give you honest feedback that helps you to build your own team. 
Mike Zurbrügg, Co-Founder / thirty3

“If you are looking for a person who will help you transforming your organization, being a role model, doer, coach and a mentor, well you have just found one. I had a pleasure to work with Marcin for a year and a half when he joined our company as an Agile coach. I still find it difficult to describe how great and an inspiring job he made over this period of time.

Marcin has a unique ability to create a culture where people can and want to grow. He is also able to identify inefficiencies, investigate and describe the root causes and eventually question a status quo in a constructive, diplomatic manner. All this comes with a huge amount of knowledge on human behaviours and spot-on data.

However, what I valued the most was how great colleague Marcin is. He is open, honest, trustful, has a great sense of humour and is always there to listen. Marcin, it was a pleasure to work with you.”
Piotr Brzeziński, Head Of R&D GSD Poland / KMD (An NEC company)

“(…) Marcin showed he is able to create and promote high-level strategies for change, at the same time being extremely aware of and adept at, handling and perfecting any implementation details. His approach is thought-through and structured, yet open for change. He is a true professional, who with the use of insightful observations and constant, precise feedback gives you incredible opportunities to improve and grow.

His vast interests and deep insights into human behaviours and interactions are not only very useful but also inspiring. Marcin is steadfast, precise, honest and knowledgeable. On top of that, he’s a fun person to be around. Marcin was so far, and by far, the most influential person in my professional path, and it was a real privilege to work with him. I can recommend him without any hesitation.”

Maciej Jureczko, Scrum Master / KMD (An NEC company)

You can see and read more recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.