I’m an E-shaped change agent working with companies worldwide (on-the-spot and/or remotely) on system, team and individual level.

I use knowledge from agile, lean, product management, holistic coaching, team coaching, TLT, public speaking, working with change, body language, micro-expressions and much more. I blend the above in an effective mix to foster collaboration, increase happiness and cut waste. I also work with renown experts if your goal requires more effort.

I have worked on all levels (from experts to CxO) of different organizations (financial, e-commerce, government, startup) with individuals as well as groups of people or teams. The latter were mature as well as “fresh” in their understanding of incremental product delivery and cutting waste.

Having worked with numerous teams and setups I have experience in mentoring and developing leaders, Product Owners and Scrum Masters. I was also coaching colleagues as a certified Master Coach and, currently, I’m developing towards becoming a body language and microexpressions expert.

To get to know me a bit more you can read some of my articles on Medium.com, go through my recent tweets or connect with me on Angel.co .

I’m also sharing stories and photography from my journeys on a personal blog. Those include the Trans-Siberian railway, Russian Arctic Circle, South Africa, Kazakhstan and much more.

I hold certifications in agility, coaching, training, microexpressions, body language and more from the following institutions:

Contact me directly: marcin [at] konkel [dot] co / LinkedIn

I believe in giving back to society. I was quite lucky in some of my endeavours and couldn’t be here if it was not thanks to the people he met and shared a conversation. Every now and then I participate in initiatives where they can give back some knowledge to those who might find it valuable. I also started a couple themselves.

Agile HR meetup group (co-founder and lecturer) // 2017-2020

Together with Igor we’ve set up a meetup group to share knowledge and concepts that may be helpful to the HR crowd in improving their ways of working as well as being a partner in transformations within their companies. We met once a month with a specific topic in the form of workshops.

Coach and mentor at Coach Clinic at Agile People Sweden conference // 2018

Marcin was invited as a coach and mentor to the conference in Stockholm and shared my experience answering participants questions during breaks and in a designated time-slot. Together with five colleagues, they supported a few dozens of conference attendees.

Agile & Change publication on Medium.com (writer and Editor-in-Chief) // 2016-present

The mission of this blog is to share thought-provoking and universal (yet concrete) content that helps in thriving in the everchanging world. Marcin invites renown writers to share their articles on various subject. He also contributes with some of his writings.

What my clients say

“In my career I have seldom met someone who can build up such a high level of understanding for the other side in such a short time as Marcin. Very emphatic and extremely precise in the analysis of teams, personalities and business models. I can highly recommend Marcin and his company Konkel & Co. if you want to build functioning teams or if you want to have someone to give you honest feedback that helps you to build your own team. 
– Mike Zurbrügg, Co-Founder / thirty3

To change an organization, to push it to another level you need people with extensive knowledge, experience (about processes, business, people and much more) but also ones that are not afraid to talk with anyone regardless their place in the organization structure and who are able approach those in safe manner so no one feels offended or threated but treated as a partner on a journey towards common goal.

You need people able both to create and remove things, depending on if we’re talking about opportunities or obstacles. And as a manager, you need people with which honesty and feedback work both ways on partnership manner, so also you can improve. And that’s short, not full, description of Marcin as an Agile Coach. He makes companies, but what’s more important, also people, better, acting as a role model, coach, mentor, colleague.
– Piotr Michałowski, Head of Agile / KMD
(An NEC company)

“If you are looking for a person who will help you transforming your organization, being a role model, doer, coach and a mentor, well you have just found one. I had a pleasure to work with Marcin for a year and a half when he joined our company as an Agile coach. I still find it difficult to describe how great and an inspiring job he made over this period of time.

Marcin has a unique ability to create a culture where people can and want to grow. He is also able to identify inefficiencies, investigate and describe the root causes and eventually question a status quo in a constructive, diplomatic manner. All this comes with a huge amount of knowledge on human behaviours and spot-on data.

However, what I valued the most was how great colleague Marcin is. He is open, honest, trustful, has a great sense of humour and is always there to listen. Marcin, it was a pleasure to work with you.” – Piotr Brzeziński, Head Of R&D GSD Poland / KMD (An NEC company)

“(…) Marcin showed he is able to create and promote high-level strategies for change, at the same time being extremely aware of and adept at, handling and perfecting any implementation details. His approach is thought-through and structured, yet open for change. He is a true professional, who with the use of insightful observations and constant, precise feedback gives you incredible opportunities to improve and grow.

His vast interests and deep insights into human behaviours and interactions are not only very useful but also inspiring. Marcin is steadfast, precise, honest and knowledgeable. On top of that, he’s a fun person to be around. Marcin was so far, and by far, the most influential person in my professional path, and it was a real privilege to work with him. I can recommend him without any hesitation.” – Maciej Jureczko, Scrum Master / KMD
(An NEC company)

“Marcin supports the needs of people, teams as well as a company’s interests. He is very effective in his doings which makes him one of the best Agile Coaches in the country. When he was participating in School of Advisers and Coaches, which I led, I’ve known right from the start that he is going to be one of the best alumni I have worked with. He is diligent, attentive, open and goal-oriented. ” – Adam Dębowski, Coach, Advisor, Psychologist, Master Trainer / Leaders of Change Institute

“Marcin brought some fresh insights and ideas that helped us to become better than ever. We improved our transparency, the way we cooperated with our stakeholders and we even managed to make team members happier. I, personally, owe a lot to Marcin as well.

He has given me very valuable feedback on numerous occasions: feedback that helped me to become a better and more aware leader. Marcin is a very down to earth and open-minded person with good ideas. He is constantly improving his workshop and knowledge. Marcin never tries to enforce his vision onto the team. He is definitely one of the best people I have ever had a chance to work with.”
– Rafał Głowiński, Development Manager / Allegro

“I had the privilege to work with Marcin for almost 2 years. During this time I’ve seen him resolving tough issues, fighting hard for what’s right, teaching, mentoring and helping many teams and thus developing great agile coach’es skills. Marcin is trustworthy, honest down to the bone, has a wonderful agile mindset and deeply cares for people.”
– Ewa Gowin, Agile Coaches Team Lead / Allegro

“I have always valued strong interpersonal and communication skills which Marcin can easily combine with the ability to relate well to people at all levels. Best example is the workstream/forum set up from scratch and run by Marcin for Higher Management Team to develop enhancements in Exchange Traded Instruments space.

On customer service front, I have always appreciated Marcin running meetings with customers – it’s good to have him leading such meetings as he has a rare gift of explaining complex and difficult topics in simple terms. Summing up, Marcin is a highly creative, organized, solution orientated and experienced professional who is paying great attention to details, represents hard work approach and believes in bringing value and great experience to customers – I recommend him for real project management challenges! If you do not have such challenges, do not waste his talent/time.”
– Konrad Domozych, Team Leader / Thomson Reuters

You can see and read more recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.