Street performance. Warsaw, Poland, 2019.

Everybody sees or senses non-verbal communication yet the more you know about it the more you see and know how to react.

Non-verbal communication encompasses a huge body of knowledge such as body language, micro-expressions, face-reading techniques and more. It concerns both the outside and the inside of us. Every thought or feeling has its outside effect as well as out outside body language affects what we think and feel.

This is important for learning what others feel, how to make sure we are understood and our statement goes through. At the same time, it’s a great portal to getting to know oneself better and learn how to be a better leader, coach, trainer, mom, partner.

Marcin together with Jarek offer a set of workshops and consultations that laser focus on your problems or goals. Below you will find just a few examples where we can help. We divided them into three sections.

“People do things for two reasons – a good reason and the real reason”

If you don’t see the topic of your interest – please contact us so we can tailor our services to your needs.


Individual sessions

Sessions are individual meetings crafted to your need. The number of hours and cadency depend on the problem or goal you want to achieve. We decide based on an initial 30-45 min conversation that is free of charge. Few examples of possible session topics:

  • preparing for and/or reading situation during negotiations
  • non-verbals in the art of pitching
  • behaving on stage and reading the room
  • knowing when and how to react to what you see
  • analysing own behaviour and learning from it
  • basics of non-verbals training for executives and leaders

The standard pricing for an hour of consultation starts from 700 pln / 160 eur (excl.VAT) depending on the scope of the programme. They can be held in person or remotely.


We offer some standard workshops which give a basis of understanding the non-verbal communication but also those tailored to a specific audience. Some of the topics we’ve already conducted trainings on:

  • xyz

The day rate starts from 2500 pln/570 eur (excl.VAT) per attendee with the possibility to negotiate when the group is larger. These costs exclude room rental, catering and travel costs (if necessary).