Red Bull Air Race. Gdynia, Poland 2014.

Many companies nowadays need to function in a complex world. A world where cause and effect relationships are not exactly known, changes are happening fast and those who adopt earlier win market share and fondness of their clients. In this world, constant experimentation and discovery seem to be of utmost importance.

Having experience in agile ways of working, product management as well as transformations, coaching, non-verbal communication and working with transitions you can be sure that, when we work together, you’re in good hands.

We can assist you on the spot or remotely.

What do we offer?
* Team/department kick-off – a good start can push things forward, we’ve done it a number of times and know what to do to make it ‘click’.
* Scrum Master and/or Product Owner shadowing – supporting, mentoring, providing feedback.
* Team coaching – in agile ways of working as wells as in growing a group of people to become a team.
* Observing and providing recommendations – identifying patterns, problems, looking deeper into how your company works.
* Creating/refining a product plan – adding the extra edge to make your product flourish and use data for decision making.
* Recruiting team members for Scrum teams – we’ve successfully recruited a number of people for various companies and know what makes a good team.
* Agile transformations – planning, supporting, executing, training.
* You never walk alone – a set of ad hoc meetings to mentor, consult or coach you or your company to achieve goals or tackle problems.
* Non-verbal communication - world-class knowledge on behaviourism from practitioners

-behavioural analysis and case analysis
-strategies for getting to the truth in negotiations and every-day situations
-consulting for audit departments
-non-verbals during public appearances

Please treat the above as a teaser. A menu in a restaurant that you can choose from and ask for our recommendations. It’s not exhaustive – if you have different needs let us know.

We work worldwide. Please get in touch so we can figure out the details.